5 Bed Tips for College Students

It’s August and that means back to school for many young adults. If it’s your freshman year, you may wonder what items you need to bring when it comes to your bed. Whether you are entering a dorm room or moving into off-campus housing, here are five tips to make sure your bed gets an A+ !

1. Get a mattress cover. Many (and we do mean many) other people have slept on your mattress before you. Sweat, bacteria, skin cells, and everything else reside on it. A mattress cover puts a protective barrier between you and your sheets and that mattress. While you’re at it, purchase one that is bed bug and dust mite proof. You can never be too careful.

2. Purchase two sets of cotton sheets. Cotton sheets are durable, last longer, wash better, and are more comfortable than cheap bedding sets. You may not be able to hit the laundry mat very often, so having a second set of sheets and pillow cases gives you options.

3. Speaking of washing– look into buying a duvet cover for your blanket/comforter. Duvet covers protect your blanket/comforter and are infinitely easier to wash and dry.  Most also fit in a stackable washer and dryer.

4. Invest in a mattress topper. Common-use mattresses are purchased for durability, not comfort. There are many on the market, ranging from the “egg crates” to memory foam and gel. Investing in a good one will give you more than one year of use, not to mention a better night’s sleep.

5. Bed risers. Get them. Bed risers are an inexpensive way to “lift” your bed up higher off the floor. This may make your bed easier to get into and out of. It also gives you more storage space underneath– a precious commodity in one room living.

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