Thank You for Shopping Locally Owned and Operated

You may have seen the recent news that a big-box mattress chain owned by a South African conglomerate is filing bankruptcy and going out of business. The Mattress Capital, which is locally owned and operated, is still going strong, thanks entirely to you, the people of Wilmington, Jacksonville, Myrtle Beach, Southport, and Shallotte.

While our hearts go out to all of the employees of the company that went out of business, shopping at locally-owned businesses has tremendous benefits. Of course it helps the local economy by keeping money where you live and employing your friends and neighbors. In fact, when you spend money at a locally-owned business, three times more money goes to the local economy than shopping at a big box chain, and a whopping 50 times more than buying from online retailers.

Aside from the economy though, you’re helping people who are invested in your area, which in turn lets them help when the community needs it. An example of this is the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, which many people are still recovering from as I type these words. Thanks to the success you’ve given us, we were able to offer mattresses for people whose homes were damaged at steeply discounted prices, sometimes even at cost.

That’s not something we’re bragging about, though we’re proud to be able to do it. It’s something we are fortunate enough to do because people do see the value in shopping at businesses that are a part of their community. Thank you, once more, for helping make The Mattress Capital a success.

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