Choosing the Correct Mattress Size

You’ve got four choices of mattress size: twin, full, queen, and king, right?  Wrong!  There are actually several different choices for mattress sizes beyond those four.  Here’s a brief description of each size to help you decide on the perfect mattress for your needs and the size of your room.

Infants & Small Children

Infants and children do well with a crib mattress (28 5/8 x 52 5/8in) or a twin mattress (39 x 74in).  These mattresses all fit well in a room that is 7 x 10 feet.

Crib mattresses are obviously designed for use in cribs, but most often these mattresses can also fit toddler beds as well.  The United States Consumer Product Safety Center recommends there are no gaps larger than two fingers between the sides of the crib and the mattress and that the mattress is no thicker than six inches.

Twin mattresses are common for small children and are the usual size for bunk beds.  The twin Xl (39×80 in) is very common in dorm rooms where a teen is sleeping alone.  It is also a good size for a single adult as it gives you six more inches of length.  If two twin beds are going in a room, it’s recommended the room be at least 10×10 feet.

Young Adult & Couples

Young adults and couples need more space to move around.  Common choices include a full mattress (54 x 74in), standard queen (60 x 80in), and standard king (76 x 80in).  These mattresses fit best in rooms that are 10×12 feet to 13×13 feet.

Full mattresses are usually found in hotel rooms.  They are also ideal for older children who have outgrown their twin bed.  Full is also a common size for futon beds.

Standard queen is the most common size mattress in the world.  They are big enough to accommodate two adult sleepers with a little room to spare.  Queen mattresses are good for guest rooms and single adults who like to move around in their sleep.

Standard king mattresses are big: roughly twice the size of a twin XL bed.  Their box springs are split for easier maneuvering.  Couples who like their space, larger adults who need more space, and families that like to co-sleep with children or pets can use the extra space this bed provides.  Depending on how much room you want to move around your bed, the suggested size room is 13 x 13 feet.

Unusual Sizes

These mattresses are slight variations on the sizes above and include a Short Twin (34 x 75in), Olympic queen (66 x 80in), a California queen (60 x 84in), and California king (72 x 84in).

Short twin mattresses are often found in motor homes and campers where everything is going to be much smaller.  These usually give you a little more width and a lot less length.

Olympic queen beds are six inches wider than a standard queen, while California queens are 4 inches longer than a standard queen.  The California king is narrower than the standard king but longer by 4 inches.

Now that you know the sizes available, be sure to measure your room space to narrow your choices, and then head to the Mattress Capital to find the right one for you!

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