Memory Foam or Spring Mattress?

Size and comfort level are the two most important things when buying a new mattress, but when you walk into a mattress store or begin your research online, you will find an overwhelming number of choices- pillow top, foam top, coils, springs, hybrids, adjustable, memory foam… the list goes on.  “Cut Away” sections of the mattress can show you what’s inside, but what does all of that really mean?  Let’s start with the number one question of category that all mattresses fall in– memory foam or spring mattress?

A spring mattress consists of lots of metal coils suspended in the other materials inside the mattress.  Spring mattresses are good for people who need the extra support that a coil can provide. Springs do not, however, offer uniform support.  Often the heavier aspects of the human body (chest, hips, and head) exert more pressure on the springs which can cause nighttime discomfort in some sleepers.  Ordering online or having your new mattress delivered?  Spring mattresses can’t be compressed for delivery, so they need to be delivered via truck or your own vehicle.  Their lower cost may offset any delivery charges though.  Spring mattresses also need to be rotated and flipped regularly to maintain even wear and tear.

Memory foam mattresses, by contrast, are easily vacuum sealed and delivered in a big box.  Unlike springs, memory foam mattresses conform to the size and shape of the sleeper to distribute the weight evenly.  The advent of gel foam now negates the “heat” factor from older foam and allows for a cool night’s sleep.  Memory foam is more durable and has a longer life than springs. The foam can be layered as well to create different levels of firmness, and it is recommended that they are rotated only once every six months.  All of these perks, however, come at a steeper price than spring mattresses.

Still can’t decide?  Perhaps a hybrid mattress is more your speed. Hybrids utilize both coils and memory foam, offering perhaps the best of both worlds.  The springs allow those people who dislike the sinking feeling of foam to get the support they desire.

Regardless of your choice, mattresses have come a long way from cotton, down, and wool stuffing.  Before you make your ultimate decision, visit your nearest Mattress Capital to test out your options in real life!

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